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    July is Vaccine Month! Receive 10% off of all vaccines done within the month of July!

    Jul 21 2015

    July is Vaccine month! For the month of July receive 10% off all canine and feline vaccines! Vaccines are very important for the prevention of many common illnesses and diseases.…

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    PARK GATE loves Revolution and we want to share it with you!! Come by and get your 1st month FREE!

    Jul 11 2015

    Who loves Fleas? We definitely don’t! Come by Park Gate and purchase 3, 4, 5, or 6 months of protection against fleas, ticks and other nasty parasites and receive your…

  • The Importance of Safe Play for Your Furry Friend This Summer!

    Jul 10 2015

    Responsible dog owners understand the importance of making sure their canine companion always has fresh, clean water to drink. But what a surprising number of pet owners don’t realize is…

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    Vaccine Awareness = Discounts!!

    Jul 03 2015

    JULY is vaccine month! Receive 10% off on all your pets’ vaccines! Vaccines are very important aspects of pet health, make sure your furry friends are protected! RECOMMENDED VACCINES FOR…

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    Giving wildlife a helping hand!

    Jun 24 2015

    With summer officially started we tend to find wildlife during our daily outings. Wondering if they need your help? Here’s some tips on determining whether an animal needs your help:…

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    Pet Travel Kits for Summer time!

    Jun 22 2015

    With the warm summer weather camping season is back! It is always a good idea to create a travel kit for your pet that is easily portable to wherever you…

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    June is Spay & Neuter Month!

    Jun 02 2015

    June is Spay & Neuter month! For the month of June receive 25% off for any spay and neuter! Call us today to book your appointment! 604-929-1863 **Please note that…

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    Spring-In-Your-Step salad

    May 25 2015

    Looking to put a little excitement in to your pets diet but want it to be all natural and delicious? This recipe is fantastic for a little nutritional boost and…

  • “Kelp Me” Pill Pockets

    May 25 2015

    If your pet is one of the many that have a hard time taking medication then let this recipe do the work for you! These are safe, delicious treats that…

  • Paw-some Pest Repellent

    May 25 2015

    There are many wonderful things about the weather warming up, bug production is not one of them! Luckily there is a pest repellent that is safe for your pet and…