• Jul 21 2017

    Dog behavior myths

    A dog’s environment and experiences affects its behavior more than anything! Unfortunately, behavior problems are the main reason why so many dogs are either euthanized or given up. Some dog…

  • Jul 14 2017

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    Ticks, are small arachnids that hang onto long grasses and branches most commonly in the spring and summer, but they are active throughout the year. Ticks can be found almost…

  • Jul 07 2017

    2 Guinea Pigs under wooden bridge

    Facts you didn’t know about guinea pigs!

    – There are three different types of guinea pigs: the American/English guinea pig which has short hair and a smooth coat. The Abyssinian guinea pig which has more wiry hair…

  • Jul 03 2017

    Heartworm: Protect your pets

    Animals can get heartworm disease if bitten by an infected mosquito, there is no other way to get heartworms. They spend their adult life in the right side of the…

  • Jul 03 2017

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    How to keep pets safe from wildlife

    Now that summer has arrived everyone is ready to get outside, including our pets! It can be easy to forget the dangers when taking our pets outside, but wildlife is everywhere….

  • Jun 30 2017

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    Thinking about adopting a new pet?

    Adopting a new pet comes with a lot of change, for both the pet and pet parent. Here are some thing to consider to help make the transition easier! Questions…

  • Jun 23 2017

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    Keep your dog safe this summer with these easy tips!

    1. Walk or exercise your dog early in the day. Temperatures are cooler in the morning, so try to get outside with your dog before the hot sun makes exercise…

  • Jun 23 2017

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    Dog friendly hiking trails on the North Shore

    Here are some of the best dog friendly hikes on the North Shore! Mystery Lake – 1.25 hours, Easy, 3km, season: July-October Whyte Lake – 2 hours, Easy, 5km, season:…

  • Jun 17 2017

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    Pet first aid and emergency preparedness!

    Do you know what to do in case of a pet emergency? Here are some common first aid tips, disaster tips and symptoms to look out for! Pet First Aid…

  • Aug 17 2016

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    Chronic Renal (Kidney) Failure

    By Wendy C. Brooks, DVM, DipABVP  Educational Director, The kidneys are made of thousands of tiny filtration units called nephrons. Once a nephron is destroyed by a disease, it…