• Mar 23 2018

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    Easter Lily Poisoning In Cats

    It’s almost Easter, where Easter egg hunts are the most dangerous things for pets. But here’s something else you have to look out for at this time of year: Easter…

  • Mar 17 2018

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    Your Dog Scoots Along The Floor – What Does It Mean?

    When dogs scoot their butts on the floor or grass, people often consider it a comical or embarrassing behavior as though the dog is doing it for pleasure. In reality, when dogs scoot, it…

  • Mar 16 2018

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    Is Your Dog Afraid Of Nail Trimmings?

    Why are long dog nails a problem?  Fear of nail trims is a very common issue dog guardians face and the fear can range from a mild dislike to outright…

  • Mar 09 2018

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    Checking Your Cat’s Urine

    Nobody likes a smelly litterbox. While even the cleanest kitty condo will possess a particular perfume, how can a cat guardian separate stinky from sickly? How can you tell if…

  • Mar 02 2018

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    Raw Diet For Cats – Information and Dangers

    In recent years there has been a heightened awareness that consuming undercooked meats present a risk for exposure to potentially deadly infectious organisms. In contrast, there has been a resurgence of interest…

  • Feb 24 2018

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    Dental Disease In Dogs

    Canine periodontitis is a bacterial infection of the mouth. There are four stages of periodontal disease, progressing from plaque and mildly inflamed gums to established gingivitis (gum disease), and then…

  • Feb 23 2018

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    Steps To Take If Your Dog Ate Something Strange

    Dogs are naturally curious, but sometimes their curiosity gets the best of them. This is especially true for dogs with mouths like vacuum cleaners – they tend to eat a…

  • Feb 23 2018

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    Steps To Take If Your Cat Ate Something Strange

    Like dogs, cats are naturally curious. But sometimes their curiosity gets the best of them, and this is especially true when cats eat strange things. As connoisseurs of life, many cats don’t hesitate…

  • Feb 18 2018

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    Kitten Season

    Here at Parkgate Animal Hospital, we have a lot of people asking us about kittens, and if we know anyone who is selling some. This is the time of year…

  • Feb 16 2018

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    Kidney Disease and Kidney Failure In Dogs

    Kidney disease is very common in dogs, and protecting your pooch from kidney disease means you should be prepared to look for problems early. Studies show that 1 in 10 dogs suffer…