• Jul 26 2018

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    Do Cats Really Love You Less Than Dogs?

    Recently, I’ve seen a rash of concerning Internet headlines in reference to a new research study. The headlines might lead you to believe that cats love you less than dogs,…

  • Jul 19 2018

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    17 Ways Your Dog Is Telling You They’re Really Stressed Out

    It can be difficult to tell whether your dog is exhibiting signs of stress or anxiety, especially if you’ve adopted an adult or senior dog and don’t know them all…

  • Jul 14 2018

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    9 Tips For Bringing a Kitten Home

    Unless you’ve had cats before, you may be surprised at how different felines are from dogs or any other pet you may have had. It helps to understand how your…

  • Jul 07 2018

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    10 Tips To Make Traveling With Dogs Stress-Free This Summer

    Cabin fever is a ghost of seasons past, and our dogs are ready get outside sans sweaters. If that means buckling up and rolling down the windows for a road…

  • Jun 30 2018

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    Is Your Cat’s Runny Nose Normal?

    Is Your Cat’s Runny Nose a Cause for Concern? “Most cats do not normally have nasal discharge,” says Aimee Simpson, VMD, medical director of VCA Cat Hospital of Philadelphia. “That…

  • Jun 23 2018

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    Why Do Cats Like Boxes?

    Cats and boxes: never has there been a better match since peanut butter and jelly. They just go together, right? Anyone who knows the feline mind can attest to the…

  • Jun 22 2018

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    Dog’s Nails and Trimming: What You Need To Know

    Why are long dog nails a problem? Fear of nail trims is a very common issue dog guardians face and the fear can range from a mild dislike to outright…

  • Jun 09 2018

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    Do Cats Sweat?

    Do cats sweat? Sweating sounds like an unlikely bodily function for a feline — after all, the popular image of cats is all about their fluffy, fur-ball appeal, not a…

  • Jun 08 2018

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    Do Your Dogs Prefer Baby Talk?

    Few of us can resist using baby talk with our dogs. Next time someone makes fun of you for it, you can tell them that science is on your side….

  • Jun 01 2018

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    Take Your Dog To Work Day!

    It’s June everyone! That means that this month on Friday, June 22nd, you can take your dog to work with you!  That should brighten everyone’s Friday even more 🙂 approaching…