• Apr 03 2015

    April is Heartworm Awareness Month!

    Here at Park Gate Animal Hospital and all across the world April is Heartworm Awareness Month. We are happy to announce for the month of April we will be offering…

  • Mar 12 2015

    Salmon Rollovers

    Salmon Rollover Homemade Recipe Looking for a tasty treat recipe? Look no further! This recipe is tasty and only takes 25 min to prepare! Ingredients: 1 can salmon (7 oz)…

  • Mar 06 2015

    Super Green Omega Bites

    Super Green Omega Bites Looking for a healthy recipe that will help dry skin? This recipe is perfect for those who are looking to supplement more Omega 3,6, and 9…

  • Mar 05 2015

    March is Poison Prevention Month!

    March is Poison Prevention Month! Here at Park Gate Animal and Bird Hospital in North Vancouver BC, March is Poison Prevention Month. That means in addition to supplying you with…

  • Feb 10 2015

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    Pumpkin Meatballs Recipe

    Are you looking for a healthy and nutritious treat for your pet? This treat is not only healthy and nutritious, but is packed full of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids…

  • Feb 10 2015

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    Turkey Paw Pie Recipe

    The perfect remedy for a special occasion that’s safe for your pet to enjoy, and also has antioxidant, pain relief, and anti-inflammatory properties! All you need is: 3 1/2 cups…

  • Feb 09 2015

    Winter Skin Salve Recipe

    Are you noticing your pet’s paw pads looking a bit dry from the cold weather? Using this simple, easy, home made remedy is sure to help soothe and moisturize dry…

  • Jan 14 2015

    February is Dental Month!

    Here at Park Gate Animal Hospital in North Vancouver we believe in pristine dental health for our patients. and we know you do too! Which is why for the month…

  • Dec 13 2014

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    December 24th; 9am – 2 pm December 25th and 26th; CLOSED December 31st; 9am – 2 pm January 1st ; CLOSED

  • Dec 10 2014

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    Pet Nutrition

    It is easy to get caught up in myths and internet articles when it comes to commonly used ingredients in pet food. We encourage you to do your own research…