• Nov 23 2021

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    Lymphoma in dogs

    What is Lymphoma you may ask and why we decided to write a blog about it? Well, November 7 is the National Canine Lymphoma Awareness Day and we decided to…

  • Oct 06 2021

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    Dental month special: Why is dental hygiene so important for your pet

    We all hate tooth ache. It can be devastating. So what do we do? We make sure we maintain good oral hygiene so that we don’t have to go through…

  • Oct 06 2021

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    World Animal Day

    We love our pets  and we try to get the best for them. But have you ever wondered that not all animals are as lucky as your pet and suffer…

  • Jun 25 2021

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    Coronavirus in Dogs

    Coronavirus disease in dogs  known as CCoV ( Canine coronavirus disease) is  common these days. It is  highly seen in puppies as  infection in intestinal.  Coronavirus is usually short-lived but may…

  • Oct 08 2020

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    Abnormal Weight Loss in Dogs

    Weight loss is considered to clinically significant when it exceeds 10% of the normal body weight. It can be associated with many normal and abnormal conditions. Causes of Weight loss:-…

  • Sep 29 2020

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    Dental Month is back for October- Book now for 20% off!

    Your pet’s dental health is so important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Here are some reasons why regular dental cleaning is so important! If your pet is not eating, it…

  • Aug 13 2020

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    Vascular Tumors Affecting the Skin

    What are vascular tumors of the skin? Vascular tumors are tumors that develop from blood vessels. When involving the skin, thay develop from the blood vessels of the skin. Essentially,…

  • Aug 06 2020

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    Feeding Raw Food to Cats is Dangerous

    Feeding raw food to cat is potentially dangerous to both the cat and to you. Commercially available raw foods for bacteria that can cause illness, the raw pet food products…

  • Jul 03 2020

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    Cats, Nutrition, and Periodontal Disease

    Periodontal Disease Best way to prevent the most common Periodontal disease that affecting cats of all age groups is daily dental home care. Periodontal diseases can affect the major organs,…

  • Jan 10 2020

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    Dress up your pet! – January 14th

    Nothing would look cuter than your furry companion all dolled up in a cute outfit! On January 14th it is national “dress up your pet” day! On the North shore,…