• Nov 17 2018

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    Help Your Cat Get Over Their Fear Of The Vet

    Here at the vet, we’re not so bad! However, in reality, few cats love going to the veterinarian. A typical trip to the hospital can be stressful, for both you and your…

  • Nov 16 2018

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    Why Does Your Dog Lick Their Butt?

    Why do some dogs have trouble with their anal sacs? Occasionally, anal sacs become a medical problem. There is no specific breed, color or size that is predisposed to problems…

  • Nov 10 2018

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    November Is Adopt A Senior Pet Month!

    November is adopt a senior pet month! When adopting pets, many people look for puppies or kittens to add to their family, causing senior animals to be passed by in…

  • Nov 03 2018

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    Beat Car Sickness In Cats!

    Dogs and humans aren’t the only ones who can suffer from car sickness or motion sickness. Cats can also develop gastrointestinal distress while traveling in the car, and for some,…

  • Oct 26 2018

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    Challenge Your Dog’s Mind!

    Proper exercise for dogs is important to their overall physical and mental wellbeing, but often “mental exercise” is given short shrift when looking at fulfilling a dog’s needs. Dogs that…

  • Oct 20 2018

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    The Facts About Senior Dogs and Anesthesia

    Pet parents often worry that their dog is too old for anesthesia. This is a huge misconception that prevents many dogs from getting the surgery they need. As we often…

  • Oct 19 2018

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    Is It Safe To Dye Your Cat?

    It’s almost Halloween 🙂 This means it’s costume season, and pets can look pretty cute in costumes as well. Just be wary of hair dyes– check out this post for…

  • Oct 13 2018

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    Pet Dental Health Facts For Our Dental Month!

    This month, our promotion is dental health– come in and get a 15% discount on a dental procedure. Call for quotes! Here is why getting your pet’s teeth checked and…

  • Oct 06 2018

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    National Cat Day!

    On October 16th, it’s National Cat Day!  To celebrate the fast approaching date, here are 7 scientifically proven health benefits of owning a cat.  1. THEY CAN LOWER YOUR RISK…

  • Oct 05 2018

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    Lyme Disease – What Is It?

    October is when Lyme disease is most prevalent in dogs, especially at the end of the month. Learn more about the disease to better prepare yourself and your pet! 1….