• May 18 2018

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    Victoria Day With Pets

    The long weekend is almost here, and with it, celebrations of Victoria Day! During your celebrations, here are some tips for keeping your pets comfortable and safe through the fun. …

  • May 12 2018

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    Dog Park Rules You Should Never Break

    We all know how the dog park works, right? Our dogs get to play with their canine buddies while we catch up with the other pet parents. It’s a fun,…

  • May 11 2018

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    How To Choose Your Kitty’s Litter

    While the name Kitty Litter, first registered in 1947 by its inventor, Edward Lowe, may still be universal, the product has been reinvented with lots of options. Some products contain…

  • May 08 2018

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    Tips to Socialize Your Dog [With Dogs and Humans!]

    It’s your golden retriever’s world and we’re just living in it—but that doesn’t mean your buddy gets a free pass on being prim and proper. Make sure your dog is…

  • May 07 2018

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    Tips to Keep Your Cat Cool This Summer!

    During the summer heat, you can strip down to shorts and a tank top, but your cat has to wear a fur coat all year long. This can easily become…

  • May 07 2018

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    Tips To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer!

    The weather is warming, which means us at Parkgate Animal Hospital will be spending more and more time outside, especially with our furry friends. This means we need to think…

  • May 04 2018

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    Star Wars Day: Cats and Dogs Dress Up!

    These photos of pets on Tattooine and Naboo alike will make your heart melt.  How are you celebrating Star Wars day with your furry little Ewok?  Visit Parkgate Animal Hospital…

  • Apr 29 2018

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    Ways to Make Senior Dogs More Comfortable

    People flip over puppies, but to me, a well-loved older dog is one of the most beautiful creatures on earth. An older dog has a nobleness about him, a look…

  • Apr 28 2018

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    Angry Cat Sounds: What Do They Mean?

    Growling: Back off! This This is the first sign that your cat is not very happy. The body language usually shows the ears down, eyes wide, tail flailing from side…

  • Apr 27 2018

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    Next Month (May) Is Pet Cancer Awareness Month!

    May is fast approaching, and when it arrives, it will be Pet Cancer Awareness Month! So many of our furry babies are lost to cancer. I lost my ginger tabby…