Dec 16 2017

Only Vaccinate Healthy Pets!

Most knowledgeable vets agree that certain animals should NOT be vaccinated. These include but are not limited to, pets with autoimmune disease, pets undergoing chemotherapy, pets fighting an illness or parasites, malnourished pets, pets with extreme allergies or skin diseases, and extremely stressed out or terminally ill pets. Vaccinating these animals would put there immune systems at great risk. That being said, it is also crucial that you protect your healthy pets from diseases and illnesses by vaccinating them. Always mention if your pet is sick or not doing well to your vet before they are vaccinated.


Why is it a bad idea to vaccinate unhealthy animals?

First of all, they may develop adverse reactions ranging from a fever to seizures to autoimmune disease to anaphylactic shock and even death! Chemotherapy and steroids suppress the immune system and deplete its ability to produce a good vaccine response. Immune stressed animals develop limited protection from vaccines. This means shots administered to an unhealthy animal may fail to provide immunity, while giving you the false hope they are protected. On top of that, a sick animal’s immune system, which should be fighting illness, may be diverted to handle the shot.




What should I do if my pet is unhealthy but “due” for shots?

Speak to your vet about postponing shots until your pet is well, vaccines are intended for use in healthy animals only. Most vets understand the dangers of vaccinating unhealthy pets and do a thorough examination at the time of routine vaccinations.

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