Bulldogs Are Beautiful!

By April 17, 2019 Community

April the 21st is Bulldogs Are Beautiful day! Let’s celebrate the upcoming holiday with some fun facts about this lovable breed.

Bulldogs were inducted into the American Kennel Club in 1886!

Bulldogs were originally bred for bull baiting, when that was a sport. The stout stature and underbite  made it easier for them to grab onto what they were biting. 

The breed plays mascot for a number of legendary institutions, like Yale University or U.S. Marine Corps. 

Bulldogs are brachycephalic (a condition caused by their short snouts), which makes them prone to gassiness and snorting. Lots of fun! 

Bulldogs come in 10 different colors and four different markings. This can mean brindle, fawn, piebald and more. 


If you want to bring your bulldog in, or any other pet who does not happen to have lovably droopy jowls, come see us as Parkgate Animal Hospital in the Deep Cove/Seymour area of North Vancouver, or give us a call at 604-929-1863! 

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