Feb 03 2018

Dental Disease In Cats: Why It’s Important To Take Your Pet In

For February, Pet Dental Health month, Jane A Kelly wrote a wonderful article on Catster.com about the importance of taking your cat into the vet for regular dental cleaning, despite the price. Drawing on that, we’d like to share those sentiments with you through the facts Jane wrote about.

  1. Cats don’t normally have bad breath. It is a common misconception that they do, but chances are, if you cat’s mouth smells bad, it means bad dental hygiene and perhaps a hefty vet bill.
  2. Cats are very good at hiding their pain, and dental disease is very painful for them. Avoid being ignorant of your cat’s sore mouth– take them in and make sure.
  3. Dental disease can spread through your cat’s body, to their bones and even their bloodstream. You will save money and your cat’s life in many cases if you regularly get a teeth cleaning. 
  4. Dental disease can complicate other illnesses. If your cat already suffers from a certain other disease or illness, this puts their life at risk even more, and can make their preexisting condition even worse. 
  5. Dental disease can lead to other illnesses– since it can complicate preexisting illnesses, it can also be a gateway to a disease that is even harder to deal with (and pay for)!

Do your cats and dogs a favor, and bring them in this February for 10% off the total dental bill. Call us at Parkgate Animal Hospital (604-929-1863) to book your appointment today! 

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