Jun 22 2015

Pet Travel Kits for Summer time!

With the warm summer weather camping season is back! It is always a good idea to create a travel kit for your pet that is easily portable to wherever you may go.

It is a good idea to ensure the kit contains the following:

  • Portable bowls


  • Portable water bottle

  • Sweater/jacket, just in case it gets chilly after the sun goes down

  • Lifejacket, for those of you whom own boats and take your furry companions on them with you

  • Food/Treats
  • Water
  • Pet First Aid Kit
  • Pet safe Pest Repellent (see our other posts for a home made recipe!)
  • Extra leashes or collars, just in case your primary one breaks!
  • Boots, just in case they cut their foot and you can’t bring them to a veterinary hospital right away


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