World Animal Day

By October 6, 2021 December 10th, 2021 Uncategorized

High angle of crop unrecognizable female owner giving high five to brown Labrador Retriever

We love our pets  and we try to get the best for them. But have you ever wondered that not all animals are as lucky as your pet and suffer abuse? Well, on this day of World Animal day, it is very important to acknowledge that there are so many animals out there, looking for a home who would provide them a nurturing and loving environment.

World Animal Day is the day to recognize how animals give us back in so many ways and it is our duty to fight against animal abuse and work for their welfare. In one way or another our livelihoods are very well dependent on animals. They contribute in many different ways to our lives everyday. Some provide us their love and care and some provide us food. During the pandemic times we have all seen how health of animals is directly related to ours. So on this day it is very crucial for us to think how we can give them back for what they do for us. We must recognize and understand that we should protect their habitats and biodiversity for a sustainable planet in future.

In addition to the protection of their homes we should also encourage each other to adopt rather than buying our pets and fighting against animal abuse. Our team appreciate all the Veterinarians and advocates for animal rights around the world for their hard work to give animals a better life.


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