Dental month special: Why is dental hygiene so important for your pet

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We all hate tooth ache. It can be devastating. So what do we do? We make sure we maintain good oral hygiene so that we don’t have to go through that sharp pain and we visit the dentist regularly to keep those pearly whites shiny, strong and cavity free.

Have you ever thought that your pet also might need a dental appointment with the vet when it gets difficult for you to cuddle with your fury friend because of their bad breath? Animals also need to maintain a good hygiene just like humans or they might be at as risk of developing dental disease. 

Dental disease can not only give your pet a bad breath but can be painful and affect their overall health. When bacteria, tartar and plaque builds up on teeth it can get trapped under the gum line which can result in bloodstream absorbing that bacteria, plaque and tartar.

Early signs of any kind of Dental disease:

  • Bad breath
  • Yellow tartar build up on teeth
  • Red swollen gums

Dental disease can be develop as early as the age of 3 and can affect the whole well being of your pet. After years of tartar, bacteria and plaque build up, they can experience a significant life changing pain  but you will not able to notice it is because animals are really good at hiding their pain. Instead you will see other signs like your them being lethargic and decreased appetite. Many pet owners see the change instantly after they get their pets a dental cleaning. Owners have reported their pets to be much happier and healthier after the procedure.

Worried about how safe this procedure is for your pet?

Dental cleanings are  done under anesthesia where your pet don’t feel any discomfort during their teeth cleaning. Before conducting the cleaning, there are several tests that are done by doing the blood work to ensure that they are fit for the procedure. It is not recommended for your pet to get this procedure done without anesthesia as it can be stressful and ineffective.

Tips to maintain oral health after the procedure

  • Brushing your cat or dog’s teeth regularly. There are special toothpaste and toothbrushes available with many different flavors like chicken, beef and peanut butter. Never use human toothpaste as they have ingredients that are toxic for animals.
  • You can also buy special dental food and treats that are available which also help in keeping the teeth tartar, plaque and bacteria free.
  • Buy products that are approved by Veterinary Oral Health Council (VOHC) as the products that are not approved by VOHC are hard to bend or might break easily and can fracture the teeth              of your pet instead of helping them keep their teeth healthy. Example:  Animal antlers and bones and Synthetic bones.

October is the dental month and we are offering 20% discount on Dental cleanings.

Feel like your pet might be at a risk of developing dental disease? Book an appointment with us at Parkgate Animal & Bird Hospital and help your pet have those sparkly whites and pain free life. Since its October, its the dental month and we are offering 20% discount on Dental cleaning. To book and appointment you can either give us a call at 604-929-1863 or email us at [email protected] 

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