Sports With Pets

June 5th was National Running Day, so we thought it would be fun to come up with some great ways to exercise with your pets in the warm weather and indoors!


Chasing A Ball

Throw a ball for your furry pal, and watch them run for it! This is a fun game to play at dog parks or in your own backyard. It will also tire them out fast, so make sure you’ve got some water handy!


If your dog is young and their hips can take it, go for a little jog with them! This is best done in an off-leash area (with care) as with a leash, one of you will end up getting pulled! 


Many dogs enjoy swimming on a hot day. They could either fetch sticks in the water, or just jump in for a cool splash. Whistler has some great lakes for dogs!




If you dangle a feather in front of a cat, they will swipe for it for hours. This is especially fun to watch. 

Ball Of Yarn

Cats will also chase balls of yarn, and they can unravel it to have fun for as long as they want. Just supervise this one, to make sure the yarn doesn’t get too caught up anywhere!


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