Apr 28 2018

Angry Cat Sounds: What Do They Mean?

Growling: Back off! This This is the first sign that your cat is not very happy. The body language usually shows the ears down, eyes wide, tail flailing from side to side, and the growl will develop to a yowl if your kitty is still angry. If your cat begins with a growl, you may want to leave him or her alone for a while before attempting any cuddling. 

Angry Meows: This is what growling can turn into. This comes from a stressed cat, one that does not want to be messed with. One step up from growling, it’s their way of warning you if your kitty makes these noises!

Hissing: Back off, for real. This cat means business– don’t try to engage or pick up this cat, or they may attack/become extremely distressed and upset. Hissing is the instinct of a cat coming through when they feel threatened, and they are prepared to fight. Let your cat calm down– do not approach. 

Body Language: As mentioned before, when cats are angry, their ears will flatten, pupils will dilate, tail will swish violently, and they may puff up. This is one way to tell if your kitty is angry.

What Should You Do?

Your best reaction to a cat who is angry or upset is to walk away. If you can, leave the room entirely– this will allow the cat to leave the room and retreat somewhere quiet, away from whatever she perceives to be the threat.

Never punish a cat for being angry. Instead, give your kitty some time to cool down, and instead of approaching your cat, wait for her to come to you. Soon you’ll be cuddling again!


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