Apr 20 2018

420 Special: Safe Ways Your Cat Can Get “High”

  1. The most popular herb for kitty euphoria is catnip. Don’t worry, your cat won’t become addicted– it just makes them feel very good, so it is suitable for a little treat. Some cats don’t respond to catnip the same way others do, so if your cat is one of them, here are some alternatives.
  2. Silver Vine, an Asian herb, may even be stronger than catnip. You can try this out, and your cat will sure love it. 
  3. Valerian Root, though it smells terrible to us, is an object of a cat’s affection. This is a powerful herb that your cat will love, but make sure to keep it out of the house, as it will stink your place up pretty quickly! 
  4. The cats who don’t respond to catnip will respond to honeysuckle, where the wood of the flower will give them a high. Just be careful, as honeysuckle berries are poisonous– better to buy these already made for cats. 
  5. Sometimes, cats will sniff household objects and that will get them high. It’s puzzling, but if you’re wondering why your cat seems extra happy after smelling an old shoe, this is probably why. 


Grow these herbs, find them, or order them online to give your cat a little taste of heaven! Give us a call if you have any questions at 604-929-1863, Parkgate Animal Hospital. 

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