How to keep pets safe from wildlife

By July 3, 2017 November 28th, 2018 Summer Time Safety

Now that summer has arrived everyone is ready to get outside, including our pets! It can be easy to forget the dangers when taking our pets outside, but wildlife is everywhere. There are many cases of wild animals making there way into urban/residential areas and preying on pets.

Here are some extra precautions to consider before taking your pet(s) outside!


-Never feed scavengers: Either intentionally or unintentionally. Keep your garbage inaccessible, clean up any fallen fruit from trees in your garden, keep bird feeders tidy, don’t feed pets outside or leave food out for them, keep compost away from house or in secure container.

-Try to not go out between dusk and dawn: If your dog needs a bathroom break at night, keep him close on a shorter leash and bring a flashlight.

-Consider pepper or “bear” spray if you plan on walking your pets at night or in forested areas.

-Never leave pets unattended outdoors.

-If possible, enclose your yard with a fence: recommended to be at least 6 feet high.

-Keep your pet up to date on vaccinations and flea and tick preventatives: Since wildlife also risk introducing health problems such as, rabies heart worm disease, mites and tapeworms.

-It’s important to be cautious of not only bears, skunks, coyotes and foxes, but also predatory birds like owls, hawks and eagles! They are the most commonly seen predators.

-Keep identification on your pets at all times (collar, microchip, tattoo etc.)! This way if you get separated or your pet runs away, you will be able to find each other more easily. There are also tracking devices available to attach to your pets collar/harness.

DO NOT allow predatory wildlife to get comfortable near your home! It is important to yell, wave your arms and even throw things when you see an intruder. This could not only save your pets life but the wild animals life too! If an animal becomes aggressive and will not leave, report it.


Keep Your Pets Safe from Wildlife

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