Jun 23 2017

Dog friendly hiking trails on the North Shore

Here are some of the best dog friendly hikes on the North Shore!


Mystery Lake – 1.25 hours, Easy, 3km, season: July-October

Whyte Lake – 2 hours, Easy, 5km, season: year-round

Lynn Loop – 1.5 hours, Easy, 5.1km, season: year-round

Cypress falls – 1.5 hours, Easy, 3km, season: year-round

Dog Mountain – 2 hours, Easy, 5km, season: June-October

Capilano Canyon – 1 hour, Easy, 2.6km, season: year-round

Twin Falls – 1 hour, Easy, 1.5km, season: year-round

Goldie Lake – 2 hours, Easy, 3km, season: June-October

Capilano Pacific Trail – 4 hours, Easy, 15km, season: year-round

Lighthouse Park – 2 hours, Easy, up to 6km, season: year-round

Quarry Rock – 1.5 hours, Easy, 3.8km, season: year-round

Brothers Creek Loop – 4 hours, Intermediate, 7km, season: April-November

Norvan Falls – 5 hours, Intermediate, 14km, season: year-round

Lynn Peak – 4 hours, Intermediate, 9km, season: June-October

Lower Hollyburn – 4.5 hours, Intermediate, 10km, season: June-November

Mount Seymour – 5 hours, Intermediate, 9km, season: July-October

Skyline Trail – 3 hours, Intermediate, 5km, season: April-November

BCMC trail – 1.5 hours, Difficult, 3km, season: June-September


Tips for dog friendly hiking-

– Make sure your dog is in good physical shape.

– Check the dog regulations in the area you’ll be hiking.

– Prepare your dog for the weather and terrain.

– Carry plenty of water for your dog.

– Leaves of three, let it be. Take a moment to be sure you can identify toxic plants in the area you will be hiking.

– Carry a small first aid kit.

– Your dog should have proper identification.

– Be aware of wildlife, if your dog starts barking he may be warning you of an animal. It may be a good idea to consider bear bells and carrying bear spray.

– Your dog can share the load. Acclimate your dog to carry a pack by starting with short walks, make sure not to overload. Only put light durable things in your dogs pack.

– Someone should know you and your dog went for a hike!

– When you get home check for ticks. Talk to your vet about appropriate tick prevention, and be sure to examine yourself and your dog after hiking in wooded areas.



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