Apr 30 2016

Rabbits VS Guinea Pigs: Which is Better for Kids?

A first pet is a very important right of passage for your child. Not only does it make a very cute contribution to your family, it teaches your kids responsibility and to love and respect the animal kingdom. That said, having a pet isn’t always easy. They take looking after, feeding, exercising, and immunizing.

If you’re thinking of getting a pet for a child, it’s always good to start with something on the smaller side, being more manageable. Two great examples are either guinea pigs or rabbits. Both of these animals are relatively low maintenance and your children should be able to take care of most of the responsibilities involved.

Below you will find the pros and cons for each animal, which should help in deciding which to get:



-They are small in size and can fit in your children’s hands.

-They are gentle and not intimidating to children.

-They feed on dry food, grass and vegetables which is easy to find.

-They require little or no vaccinations.

-They are independent and do their own thing.

-They can exercise in their cage or indoors.

-They can be litter box trained.

They can be left to roam.

-They live 8-12 years, slightly longer than guinea pigs.


-They are stubborn animals and training takes time.

-They can be smelly. Hutches need to be cleaned frequently.

-They chew EVERYTHING they come into contact with so home roaming can be a problem.

-They are susceptible to exposure and in extreme weather may need to stay inside.

-They poop a lot and everywhere.

-They will pee on you if given the chance.

-They are very quick and can be hard to catch when returning them to their cage.

-They are rapid breeders so be careful if you have more than one.



-They are small in size and cat fit in your children’s hands.

-They do not bite and are even more gentle than rabbits.

-They don’t smell.

-They don’t breed as quickly as rabbits.

-They are independent and can do their own thing.

-They can exercise in their cage or indoors.

-They are very easy to take care of.

-They live 5-8 years, more than smaller rodents.

-They love to be held for hours and are easy to catch.

-They have a great temperament.


-They can be shy at the beginning and run away from you.

-They require large cages.

-Cages need to be cleaned frequently.

-They can be noisy so best kept outside.

.They aren’t as simple to feed as rabbits. They need a variety of vegetables, hay, and high-quality pellets that you might have to order online.

-They poop and pee without warning.

As you can see, both come with some downsides but a large amount of upsides as well. With either animal as a pet, the most important thing you have to offer is your care and love, and they will be open and rewarding creatures!

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