Feb 24 2016

Important Tips for Boarding your Cat or Dog

Since it’s the winter season, many look forward to heading out of the country someplace warm and sunny for vacation. Something that can often bring on stress is planning how your pet will be taken care of while you’re away. A good option owners consider is boarding their cat/dog, and there’s some useful information to know beforehand to ensure your pet is happy and well cared for while they’re boarding.

An advantage of having your pet stay in a boarding facility is the knowledge that they are being looked after by professionals who are used to caring for animals. Friends and family, while well meaning, may not have the time/expertise to look after your pet as well as you do. In a boarding kennel, animals are checked up on daily: to make sure they’re eating and drinking, pick up on any health concerns, and ensure they’re happy and comfortable.

If you are thinking about boarding your pet, here are some important tips:

1. Check out the kennels beforehand. You want to be sure that this is the right fit for your cat/dog, ensuring that there is enough space, the right staff, and if they are willing to accommodate any special needs you and your pet have. Aim to have your pet there a few hours before closing time so they have enough time to settle in before being left for the night.

2. Make sure your pet is up to date with vaccinations, the majority of kennels may not let you board if they are not. This is to ensure that they are safe from any other pets they come into contact with.

3. Book ahead of time! Look for a boarding facility ahead of time, this way there is lots of time if you have any changes or alterations to your plan.

4. Prepare your pet. If your pet has never boarded before, it’s important to spend some time preparing them and yourself for the adjustment. If your pet(s) is more anxious in nature, the change of environment might be more stressful, so easing them into the transition by bringing them by a couple times beforehand might make things easier.

5. Enjoy your holiday, knowing your furry friend is going to be well looked after while your away! ParkGate Animal Hospital provides boarding for both cats and dogs, if you are considering boarding with us feel free to call or drop by with any questions you may have.

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