Battling Bad Dog Breath

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Most of us love getting lots of smooches from our pets, but sometimes their breath is so stinky it just isn’t enjoyable anymore. This is clearly a problem that many pet owners face as there are hundreds of products on the market today aimed at battling bad breath including toys, mints, gels, pastes and liquids. How do you decide what to try?

-The best way to prevent bad dog breath is to brush your dog’s teeth regularly 2-3 (or more) times per week. Don’t use human toothpaste, as it contains additives that can upset your dog’s stomach, and some even contain Xylitol as a sweetener which is toxic to pets.

-There are a lot of dental toys that are specially produced with grooves, ridges, and nubs that are designed to rub away plaque and tartar while chewing. These toys come in many different shapes and sizes, and they not only help with tooth maintenance, they can also be great for interactive fun and bonding time with your pet.

-If you’ve recently changed your pet’s food and are noticing bad breath, that change in diet could be the cause. The breath can be caused by the food’s ingredients or if the food is upsetting your pet’s stomach. If the breath persists, you may want to consider trying a different food. Wet foods, while they help increase the daily intake of water and are a more natural form of food, can increase bad breath; the particles can get stuck between teeth and collect bacteria.

Bad breath can be mild or severe, and it is best to consult your vet before engaging in any of these bad breath remedies. There are a variety of options to help you control your pet’s breath so that you can start enjoying those puppy kisses again. Remember that February is Dental Health Month at ParkGate Animal Hospital- book a dental exam and receive 15% off your visit, and a complimentary bag of Hills T/D Oral Health dog/cat food!

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