Jul 03 2015

Vaccine Awareness = Discounts!!

JULY is vaccine month! Receive 10% off on all your pets’ vaccines!

Vaccines are very important aspects of pet health, make sure your furry friends are protected!

RABIES – needed for any travel by plane, across any boarders or boarding/daycare at any reputable facility. Only required once every 3 years!

DA2PP – a combination vaccine that protects your dog against 4 primary diseases! There have been recent cases of outbreak in the Fraser Valley so if you are taking your pooch there for vacation make sure they’re protected. Only required once every 3 years!

BORDATELLA – commonly known as kennel cough and can be quickly caught by your furry friend at any groomer, dog park, daycare or even veterinary office!

LEPTO/LYME – Very good ideas for the super active families on the North Shore. Our mountains are perfect homes for ticks and those bites can lead to a very sick pup! If you like to hike a lot with your dog, ask your vet about the lepto and lyme vaccines!

RABIES – needed for any travel by plane or to cross any boarders. Outdoor kitties definitely need protection because raccoons can be prime carriers. Only required once every 3 years!

FVRCP – A combination vaccine that protects you special kitty from 3 deadly airborne viruses! Only required every 3 years.

FEL LEUKEMIA – This deadly virus is second only to trauma as the most common killer of cats! Not only is it a scary virus, it also leaves your friend with a weakened immune system, leaving them susceptible to other infections!

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