Aug 24 2014

Parasite Prevention

Thanks to the lovely weather and little rain, this summer has been a killer season for flea infestations.  We have had lots of clients coming in lately complaining of finding fleas on their pets and in their homes. Here are a few tips to prevent these infestations and keep your pets flea free!


It is always important to use some sort of prevention for parasites instead of having to deal with them after an infestation.  There are many products available in pet stores, but veterinary brands are faster and more effective.  At Park Gate Animal & Bird Hospital, we like to offer TRIFEXIS (dogs only) and REVOLUTION (dogs and cats).  TRIFEXIS is an oral chew that is given once a month (every 30 days) and it contains Spinosad (insecticide) and Milbemycin oxime (anthelmintic).  These chews protect against fleas, as well as heartworms, roundworms, whipworms, and hookworms.  REVOLUTION is a topical solution that is applied to the back of the neck, then over the next 2 hours it absorbs into the bloodstream.  The active ingredient in REVOLUTION is Selamectin (parasiticide and anthelmintic) and it is distributed through the body to prevent fleas, heartworm, roundworms, mites, and ticks.


Although cleaning the house in this heat seems like the last thing you would want to do, it is important to keep on top of it.  A weekly vacuum can eliminate many flea larvae and eggs, and throwing your sheets in the dryer can kill off any parasites as well.  If your house is already infested, try using Siphotrol house spray.  There are many products available at your local pet store or even grocery store, but again using a veterinary brand will be more effective.


Be sure to groom your pet on a daily basis if possible.  That way you can be aware of any creepy-crawlies living on them.  This will also strengthen the bond between you, as grooming/petting/brushing has many health benefits for your pet (see our blog post on Cat Massage).

Have a great summer! Keep those parasites at bay!

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