Jun 10 2014

Create a Summer Travel Kit for Pets

The dog days of summer are fast approaching, along with the crazy warm weather!  It’s great to get outside and enjoy the sun, but if you have to travel, be prepared.  Here are a few ideas to create a great travel kit…


1) Portable Water Bowl
Doctors always stress how important water is for your health, and it is just at important for your 4 legged friends.  If you do have to travel with your pet, make sure you bring an extra water bottle just for them.  You can find a collapsible water bowl in most pet stores and clinics these days.  We have some in our lobby for only $3!


2) Pet Friendly Sun Screen
On a hot day, even pets with the  thickest coats can get a little too much sun.  All pets have vulnerable spots on their belly, groin, inside upper legs, or a light nose.  Any animal with short or light coloured fur is especially more susceptible to getting a sun burn.  Many pet stores and clinics sell dog friendly sun screens, and they are safe for cats too!


3) Natural Mosquito Repellent
If you believe in natural remedies for your pet, then you will want to pick up some NEEM OIL, which is derived from the Indian Neem Tree.  This natural oil has been proven to be antiseptic, antioxidant, antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal, and even spermicidal!  Just put a few drops behind the ears of your pet every 2-3 days, and it will help prevent mosquitoes, fleas, and ticks from even coming near your pet (and you too).  This oil can also help treat sunburns, fight dry skin, and battle fungal infections.

Poop Bags

4) Biodegradable Doo-doo Bags
I’m sure this step goes without saying… Don’t forget the poop bags!  There’s nothing worse than seeing a big poop in the middle of a hiking trail or on somebody’s lawn.  But, please make sure that you take the bag with you.  It is ridiculous how many wrapped poops I find in the woods.  Why wrap it if you are just going to leave it behind?

zylkene             rx-vitamins-for-pets-liquid-nutricalmFeliwaySprayadaptil

5) Anti-Anxiety Treatments
Traveling to a new place can cause anxiety in most pets, especially when you are going to the vet.  If you pack some of these products, you will have a happier pet and less stress getting them into the car.  There are some oral supplements such as ZYLKENE pills or LIQUID NUTRICALM.  Both of these products can be mixed with food to be administered, and they help soothe and calm pets.  Personally, I use the LIQUID NUTRICALM to help my cat with his aggression issues, and it has worked wonders!  Another product is a synthetic pheromone spray called FELIWAY (Cats) or ADAPTIL (Dogs).  These pheromones are the same pheromones that cats and dogs emit from their faces and paws when they are marking their territory, and these can have a very calming effect on pets.


6) Treats
Always have a supply of healthy and yummy treats stored away for any type of emergency.  Sometimes if a pet gets off leash, there may be no coaxing them back without a treat.  They can also be used as rewards for good behaviour when meeting new people, or when you visit an unfamiliar place (such as the vet office).


Happy Summer Everyone!

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